Monday, May 13, 2013

AZ:Phoenix Gun Turn in .22 "assault rifle" Home Modification

Happy, private, buyer of .22 "Assault Rifle" at Phoenix gun turn in event.

This rifle seems to have most things needed to make a media inspired "assault rifle". It has a flash hider, large magazine, folding stock, pistol grip, and is semi-automatic. Luckily, it has "brown privilege", so it is less likely to be discriminated against than if it were black.

The ordinary Philippene made semi-auto .22 was fitted with some AR-15 style hardware to give it more sales appeal.

Interesting homemade folding stock using cabinet hardware

Note the hardware latch used to secure the folding stock

Detail of stock folded on left side of rifle.

The craftsmanship and ingenuity make the rifle well worth the $100 price paid.

Link to article about Governor Brewer signing law to require fiscal responsibility for the resources turned in at these events.

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