Thursday, June 12, 2014

AL:Huntsville Man Shoots, Subdues Man Who Threatened Crowd

I will be interested in a followup to this story.  Lots of witnesses.  Unusual amount of shots that were not fired at the person who was said to be threatening.  Only one account so far.

He walked straight toward everybody and said, 'I will kill everyone here,'" said Weil. "He swept (the gun) across everyone, including the girls who were with him. Everyone was terrified."


And then Weil, armed with only a pocket knife, did something remarkable: he began walking toward the man, repeatedly ordering him to drop his gun and surrender.

"I was the only adult there," he said. "I feared for my children's lives, and the lives of the other children there. I was just a parent doing what a parent does."


Weil said he shot out the tires to prevent the man from escaping.

"I didn't want to kill this guy, but he was not listening," said Weil, who aspires to a military career. "Finally, he surrenders and shows me his hands."

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