Saturday, June 14, 2014

Looking for Images of Australian Gun Destruction of 1997

The image above is tantalizing and frustrating in its scope and lack of resolution.

In writing articles about the great Australian gun confiscation of 1997, I have not found any images that I can easily use.   I found an AP source, but they are very careful with copyright protection.  I am sure that there are images of the destruction that are publicly available, but I am having a hard time finding them.

If you have better luck, please contact me.   I would appreciate images that give the scale of the destruction and are clear enough to show details of the firearms that were confiscated and destroyed, though other images might well be useful of themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should direct your query to the Firearms Owners Association of Australia. I'm sure they have lots of images you could use.

Wireless.Phil said...

Google image search "Australian gun confiscation of 1997"

You'll have to sort through them.

Unknown said...

@ least ½ of the so-called 'handed in' guns were not destroyed.....they were snaffled by corrupt coppers and either kept or on-sold to crims....especially in NSW & Qld....

(Nioa Firearms was, also, a big player in this)

contact Ron Owen of Owen Guns in Gympie, Qld, if you want to know more abt this....

Wireless.Phil said...

On a related subject. This nut case with OCD is at it again. There are so many things I'd like ti say, but can't.

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