Monday, June 23, 2014

Greg Pollowitz: NYT Ends ‘The Gun Report’ — But Why?

I have read the NYTs 'The Gun Report' a number of times, and used it for leads to self defense shootings.  There were often a couple of them in the report, if you dug down into the the links. 

Op-Ed columnist for the Times, Joe Nocera, recently announced the end of “The Gun Report” (a daily summary of gun violence in America) writing that it had “run its course” and “was time to bid it adieu.” He added:
Day after day, week after week, there was a numbing sameness to the shootings. And to be blunt, most of those who posted comments were not getting closer to finding common ground than when we began.
Sounds like Nocera was frustrated that he wasn’t changing anyone’s mind, but that’s not the entire story.

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