Sunday, June 15, 2014

GA: Man Sues for Constitutional Rights on Public Land

ALLATOONA LAKE, CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- He stood just outside the entrance to the Army Corps of Engineers park, McKaskey Creek Campground, on the shores of Allatoona Lake, near Cartersville. It's the campground where, several times a year, he and his family pitch their tent and spend weekends together.

He showed 11Alive News that he was armed. Legally armed. And he described what he has done to try to convince the Corps to let him enter the campground with his gun.

The Army Corps of Engineers will not give him permission and will not say why.

So he is suing the Corps of Engineers.

David James of Paulding County said he just wants to be able to protect himself and his family, with his gun, when they go camping at McKaskey Creek.

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