Thursday, June 12, 2014 California Confiscation Part II

 California has completed the preparation for confiscation in the gun registration scam.   Now, unless you can show that you have the gun legally registered, agents have been confiscating guns, and you will likely have to go through a court process to get the guns back.   This will often cost more than the guns are worth.  Here is the Oakdaleleadr excerpt and link:

Wheeland said he led the agents to his gun safe and showed the agents the seven guns, among others he personally owned. Wheeland said agents then ran the serial numbers to all his guns and eventually seized one handgun, two shot guns, and four rifles that had belonged to his son.

“They told me they were taking them because we hadn’t done a lawful transfer through a firearms dealer,” Wheeland said. “They’re saying I have to go through the DA to get them back.”

Interestingly, Section 27870 of the California Penal Code states that firearms, other than handguns, (6 of the 7 possessed) do not need paperwork if they were given, gifted, or willed by family members prior to January 2014.

“We were trying to do everything right,” Wheeland said. “I shouldn’t have let them in the house.”

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