Wednesday, June 25, 2014

David Codrea: Vanderboegh ponders unpleasant truths, restoring Constitution in Texas speech

Noting Barack Obama has presided over 100 million FBI firearm sales background checks, activist and citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh spoke to enthusiastic gun owners at an Open Carry Texas “Meet and Greet” in Big Spring on Saturday.

“Now, for a guy who's only been in office for a term and a half, that's quite an accomplishment. As a firearm salesman representing the Unintended Consequences Armaments Corporation, he has managed to put even Bill Clinton in the deep shade,” Vanderboegh observed. “And we won't even mention what you've done for ammunition sales. But thanks for everything, Barack. You may go down in history as this country's worst President ever, but you are one hell of an armaments salesman.”

Longtime readers of this column recall Vanderboegh is the blogger who first reported on allegations from CleanUpATF -- a website maintained by so-called “dissident” agents to expose bureau waste, abuse, corruption and fraud -- that “walked” weapons from the Fast and Furious operation were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. His groundbreaking work on validating reports,securing insider sources, pressuring Congress into providing whistleblower protection and conducting formal hearings, and guiding a mostly indifferent or hostile “mainstream media” into independently investigating the story, has been exhaustively documented in a series of Gun Rights Examiner reports beginning with the first of several guides.

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