Friday, June 20, 2014

John Lott: Making up facts about guns

President Obama just can't seem to help himself. Over and over again, he makes exaggerated or false claims about guns and crime.

Last year Obama kept asserting the bogus numbers such as “40 percent of all gun purchases take place without a background check.”  Besides the study being based on a tiny survey it was started before the Federal background check law went into effect.  Moreover, the 40 percent figure referred to all transfers, not just sales, and the vast majority of transfers took place within families through gifts and inheritances. Then, for good measure, Obama added an extra 4 percentage points to increase the number from 36 to 40 percent.

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Bob Sutterfield said...

People mindlessly citing this "40%" number don't just "round up" or "add an extra 4 percentage points." They inflate the already-meaningless results by over 11% in search of a mindlessly quotable sound bite.