Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Constitutionalist: Open carry walk for Mark Hoffman

Here are links to previous information about the Mark Hoffman incident.  The announcement of the open carry walk is below:

The date is set!  The walk is scheduled for 12pm, June 29th.  Mark, if you're reading this...consult your lawyer before showing up!  But know this, we support you 103% (get it?  III% joke) and will be watching your case.

We will be meeting at around 11:30 to discuss the route and take a list of names should something go wrong.  There is always the risk that the police will violate one, a few, or all of our rights, but in all reality the chance of that happening is miniscule.  When faced with an armed individual, police officers rarely misbehave.  When faced with a group of armed citizens who have cameras...well, it's not going to happen.

Chris Langer has mentioned a possibility of dining arrangements at General Sam's afterwards, so don't eat!  Parking will likely be available at Inkfreak Tattoos and possibly General Sam's if we need more space but I can maybe bring two people in my vehicle from New Richmond if anyone needs a ride.

We won't be travelling past the railroad bridge over Spring Street since a few people don't have Wisconsin conceal carry licenses and would be violating the 1000' GFSZ bubble.  We will however, be taking a bit of a hike, so bring a water bottle because this is Wisconsin in June.


1. Come as you are and carry what you like, just remember: TABK! Safety is our number one concern.

2. Bring something to record with. Audio is great but video is best. The more of us recording the better. They can't delete them all. ;-). Upload at every opportunity.

3. While it is your right, please don't carry "at the ready." In a time when our civil rights are under a historically significant assault from the left, we should present a good model for others even if it is just a show. Also, were a LEO to initiate a scuffle, they could intentionally disengage any safety and cause an unintended discharge which would ricochet from that angle. I have little doubt it's happened before.  If you carry in that manner, we will ask you to leave.

4. If you have a kid that would like to participate PLEASE BRING THEM! They are the future of this nation and unfortunately glued to their television screens. An event like this should draw some of the recent graduates outdoors to watch and statistically, a third of them will vote. Maybe some will join us.

5. Lastly, bring a friend! Bring a few friends! Bring your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandfather..we have safety in numbers. We need to field enough people that any retaliation by law enforcement will be strongly discouraged. Our goal is to make our presence known to Chief Briggs and the town board, educate the public and return home with the same number we arrived with.

This is not a challenge to law enforcement, but a peaceful demonstration of a right exercised and a reminder to the crooked bureaucracy whom we allow to remain in office that We The People rule this nation and will not allow the deprivation of our civil rights by law enforcement and politicians through intimidation, kidnapping, theft or any other thuggery.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me at (715)222-2295.

Any threats or harassment will be reported to the proper authorities. 

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