Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dave Workman:SAF tells Conn. school district to stop blocking pro-gun websites

The Second Amendment Foundation is vowing “prompt legal action” following reports yesterday that a Connecticut school district’s filtering system was blocking access to websites belonging to firearms rights advocacy groups, while allowing access to gun control organizations in what appears to be a clear violation of the First Amendment.

In a blunt letter to Superintendent Jody Ian Goeler at Connecticut’s Regional School District 14, SAF General Counsel Miko Tempski warned, “Once a school chooses to provide internet access, the First Amendment prohibits it from selectively censoring access to websites based on their particular viewpoints.”

“Regardless of the District’s intent in this matter,” Tempski added, “you are violating the Constitutional rights of your students and many organizations by allowing this filtering system to remain in place. If you allow the District’s censorship to continue, you could be subject to legal liability and the expense of litigation.”

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