Friday, June 27, 2014

Dave Workman:Murray supports UBCs; Las Vegas paper deflates myth

While Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was outlining his sweeping proposal to address so-called “gun violence” yesterday to a packed room at city hall, the Las Vegas Review-Journal was letting the air out of an idea that anti-gunners like Murray are currently embracing: The “universal background check” (UBC).

Murray, according to the Seattle Times and Seattle, does not plan to disarm law-abiding citizens. That would be a non-starter, anyway, thanks to a legal action that started more than five years ago pitting the City of Seattle against state and national gun rights organizations and the state’s 30-year-old model preemption law. That was the test case, Seattle lost and in the process, strengthened the very law the city sought to erode.

But Murray does want to pass a UBC law in this state – now facing voters in November in the form of Initiative 594, an 18-page gun control measure that expands the state’s existing pistol registry and also affects all gun transfers, not just sales – and that’s an idea that just got splashed with some editorial cold water in Las Vegas. The Review Journal took a hard, matter-of-fact look at the UBC because a similar initiative has just been filed by anti-gunners in Nevada, and found the concept wanting.

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