Tuesday, June 24, 2014

David Codrea: Dell statement on school’s web blocking suggests low traffic on anti-gun sites

Dell’s SonicWall content filtering service did not conspire to block websites promoting gun rights from being accessed by a Connecticut school’s computers, the company’s executive director for security product management claimed Thursday on the official corporate blog.

The inability of a student to access firearms rights-related sites to do research for a debate on “gun control,” while being able to access anti-gun advocacy sites, led to a “blunt letter” from the Second Amendment Foundation’s general counsel Miko Tempski to Superintendent Jody Ian Goeler at Connecticut’s Regional School District 14, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman reported Friday.

Also reported blocked were Christian and conservative sites, while “progressive” and Islamic sites were accessible. The school put the onus on Dell, saying they would investigate the filtering service and report back when they had more information. For its part, Dell would have none of that, and returned the responsibility back to school administrators.

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