Friday, June 13, 2014

Halliburton Watches Gun Watch

Nice to see that the astute people at Halliburton watch Gun Watch.   This was probably during lunch hour, as Halliburton is a private company.   They looked for 18 minutes at the very popular "The Coming Crash in Ammunition Prices", and clicked out to our link to the popular and enlightening dissection and analysis of the Trayvon Martin case by shooting and self-defense guru, author, and expert witness Massad Ayoob.

Both articles offer considerable information that is not available in the old media, and provide profound insight to readers who wish to be informed instead of manipulated.

As our readership continues  to grow, we hope to continue to build our readers trust in the information and insight that we provide.

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Link to Gun Watch


Wireless.Phil said...

Halliburton is in oil, they split from defense contractor KBR in 2007 and one of them moved to the M.E. They may be looking at or for ammo to support their teams in the field. (WITH Iraq heating up, I'm not surprised).

Halliburton, KBR split up
NEW YORK | Thu Apr 5, 2007 7:18pm

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Halliburton Co. (HAL.N), the No. 2 U.S. oilfield services company, has split off KBR Inc. (KBR.N), an engineering and construction company that had been a unit for 44 years, the companies said on Thursday.

Halliburton first announced plans in January 2005 to separate KBR, whose results had dragged on overall profitability. KBR is the Pentagon's largest contractor in Iraq, and its shares began trading in November.

Under an exchange offer that expired on April 2, Halliburton swapped 135.6 million KBR shares, equal to roughly an 81 percent stake, for 85.3 million of its own shares.

Both companies are based in Houston. Halliburton sparked criticism from some U.S. politicians when it announced plans on March 11 to open a headquarters in Dubai and move Chief Executive David Lesar there, to become better positioned to win contracts in the oil-rich Middle East.

Auditors, Congressional Democrats and the Justice Department have scrutinized Halliburton over the quality and pricing of KBR's work for the U.S. army in Iraq.

Dean Weingarten said...

Maybe someone there just is interested in guns.

Many engineers are enthusiastic members of the gun culture.