Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Va. gun owners plan cross-party raid into democrat primary on June 10th

Mike Stollenwerk reports on an attempt to use "Progressive" tactics against "progressives in Virginia:

Congressional Representative Jim Moran’s (D) retirement from his seat in Virginia’s gerrymandered 8th Congressional District (Arlington County, Alexandria City, Falls Church City, and Fairfax County (part)) has resulted in that district’s first serious Democrat primary race in decades. If some gun owners have their way, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independent voters will decide this election because Virginia allows voters from all parties to vote in any party’s primary.

Gun rights group leaders such as OpenCarry.org’s co-founder John Pierce, a Virginia lawyer and socially liberal member of both the ACLU and the American Bar Association’s Second Amendment Civil Rights Litigation Subcommittee, have identified Democrat Candidate Don Beyer, a wealthy car dealer owner and 'Obama alumni' backed Clinton Administration insider endorsed by the Washington Post as the candidate who is most likely to be effective in passing federal anti-gun rights legislation.

Though all the Democrat candidates advocate some regulation of gun rights, Beyer is the only Democrat candidate to have mailed out paper fliers proclaiming his anti-gun agenda front and center.

“Beyer’s political connections, wealth, and frankly, his old age make Beyer a great candidate to assume former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's mantle as the nation’s chief anti-Second Amendment fear monger,” said Pierce. Beyer’s call for 'enhanced' background checks – without explanation – “is frankly Orwellian,” added Pierce. “What’s he calling for? Interviews with your doctor? Police home inspections?”

Last week the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) organized a picket-line style protest against Beyer at his Alexandria Volvo dealership on Route 1. During the protest, one car owner at the dealership getting his car serviced walked over to the picket line and told the picketers

 if I had known Beyer was anti-gun I never would have bought a car from him!”
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