Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WeaponsMan: Poly-Ticks: Stealthy Anti-gun Law trips up NH Gunowners

Even in libertarian, purple New Hampshire, there are dedicated anti-gunners. The same people tend to be soft on career criminals and hard on legal gun owners. Three examples are former State Senator Burt Cohen, from the wealthy island enclave of New Castle, and Rockingham County District Attorney James Reams — a man with legal problems of his own, who has been in and out of office fighting credible charges of corruption — and Assistant DA Terri Harrington. (For a pro-Reams view of the charges, see this editorial at the Democratic-partisan and editorially anti-gun Seacoast Online. Reams is an elected, nominally nonpartisan officer).

Cohen’s preference, based on his words and deeds at the time, would have been to ban all guns; instead he got what he could get through the legislature before his retirement in 2005. That was a reasonable-sounding law criminalizing any gun owner whose gun was accessed by a minor and accidentally or negligently discharged.

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