Friday, June 27, 2014

MI:Poll Shows Support for Making Concealed Carry Easier and Cheaper is running a poll about a proposal in Michigan to make obtaining a concealed carry permit cheaper, faster and easier in the state.  The proposal would eliminate the nearly 100 year old county gun boards, which at present have little to do.   Under the proposal background checks would be run by the State Police instead of county boards.  The 83 County gun boards, which have been accused of delaying permits, would be eliminated.

The bill has passed the Senate.   It would have to pass the House and be signed by the Governor to become law.

The current question on the poll is:
Do you support the proposed gun law that would make getting a concealed carry license easier, faster, and cheaper in Michigan? 
Yes               81% 
No                16% 
I don't know   3%
 Here is the link to the poll.    While these polls are unscientific, they do measure the "intensity" of feelings about the issue.   They measure the ratio of the groups in the electorate who fee sufficient intensity about the measure to vote in an Internet poll.   It is common, as seen in this poll, for Second Amendment supporters to outnumber those who favor stricter gun control by ratios of 3-10 to 1.

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