Saturday, June 28, 2014

UT: "Domestic Violence" Nightmare ends for Clark Aposhian

In a 13 month long legal battle that took significant emotional, mental, and financial resources, Clark Aposhian, the outspoken second amendment supporter and lobbyist from Utah, has finally put to rest the last of the legal barrage filed against him by his former wife and her husband.

I wrote of this case four months ago, when a judge refused to grant a protective order against Aposhian.   At the time, it seemed certain that the prominent constitutional rights advocate would have the domestic violence charges against him dropped.    On Monday, the last of the charges was laid to rest when Aposhian pled no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct stemming from honking the horn of his 2 1/2 ton truck when arriving at the residence of his former wife and her new husband.   Aposhian shares custody of his daughter with his former wife.

I was a little surprised at the vindictive, emotional, and personal attacks against Aposhian, based primarily on the fact that he owns firearms, a big truck, and that he was accused of domestic violence, even though those charges were dropped.   Here are a few examples from comments at the article:
Anyone who feels they really need to carry a concealed, loaded weapon ...
... deserves to be on a Government List of potential wackos!
 Aphosian had a bigger motivation to lie. Or should I say, a tiny motivation augmented by 300 reasons to stiffen his stance.
Another armchair psychologist:
Celia….you have ZERO idea of what was going on. This is an ex who had all the reason in the world to be fearful of her ex husband who was and is emotionally unstable. His excessive number of guns is proof of his deep inferiority complex and need to assert his manliness because of his own doubts on that subject.
Then this assertion:
 That and he is a F**#ING ego driven nut job with an ax to grind. This is another mall shooting waiting to happen..... wait for it.....
People who actually know Clark Aposian have a considerably different view of him.   From his facebook page:

Nice/Joyed to see W. Clark Aposhian fight the nasty political & corrupt processes and WIN!
 So happy for you Winton. Enjoy your time with your daughter. What a wonderful time for you and her. Love you brother.
The abuse of restraining orders and domestic violence accusations by vindictive women against innocent men has become commonplace.   It has become just another arrow in a divorce attorney's quiver.   

 Accusations in these cases are easy to make, with virtually no repercussions.   Even in cases where the accuser can be shown to have lied, I have never heard of one being charged with lying to police or filing a false report.

As the saying goes: How does W. Clark Aposhian get his reputation back?

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