Thursday, June 19, 2014

David Codrea: Ohio AG DeWine washes hands of responsibility to address ‘double tapping’ cops

The office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has responded to Gun Rights Examiner’s concerns that police comments about “double tapping” open carriers show a dangerous disregard for state law, and unsurprisingly, has decided to do nothing about it other than have a proxy deny responsibility and punt the ball to state representatives.

“Dear David,” the presumptuous salutation to a mere citizen in a response letter (conversely signed “Very respectfully yours”) by Constituent Liaison S. Morgen begins.

“Thank you for contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office regarding your belief that many police forces around the state are not properly trained with respect to open carry provisions,” it begins. “In reviewing your communication, it is my understanding that you believe that many law enforcement officers misunderstand open carry and how to handle constituents who are exercising their legal rights.”

If by “understanding” S. (I assume the familiarity means we’re on a first-initial basis now?) means I forwarded documented accounts of police in years past illegally harassing, bullying, drawing guns on and endangering the lives of citizens who weren’t breaking any laws, and of current police officers contemptuously “joking” about “double tapping” citizens openly carrying firearms, why, yes, one could say I “believe” that. Why Mike and S. don’t after being shown, complete with validating links and screen captures, and after further being informed that evidence was erased after it was revealed they had been sent to the state’s chief law enforcement officer, is on them to explain.

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