Friday, June 13, 2014

Dave Workman: More Information on Las Vegas Shooters

The man who, along with his wife, allegedly fatally shot two Las Vegas police officers yesterday, before she shot a legally-armed private citizen who tried to intervene, apparently has a criminal history in Benton County dating back to 2000-2002, the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting today.

Jerad Dwain Miller and his wife, Amanda, simultaneously gunned down officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo in a pizza restaurant in Las Vegas. The couple then went across the parking lot into a Walmart where Jerad was confronted by 31-year-old Joseph Robert Wilcox, who was legally armed.

Wilcox was apparently shot from behind by Amanda Miller after Wilcox confronted her husband. The newspaper reported that Amanda was “pushing a shopping cart” as she entered a Wal-Mart near where the Millers had just fatally shot both officers on their lunch break in a pizza restaurant. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Wilcox was described by an unidentified police official as “a hero” who “was trying to stop an active shooter.”

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